Checklist | Documents needed for mortgage in Holland (English)

Checklist | Documents needed for mortgage in Holland (English)

For our non-Dutch clients we have made this page with a summary of documents needed by us to give advice. We always ask a lot of information. The reason why we do this, is to be sure about our conclusions. We don't want to be in the situation that because of insufficient information we make the wrong conclusions. Whether it is that there are no possibilities (yet) of there are possibilities. When you provide us all information as listed below we make sure we give you the right information about all your possibilities.

At this moment we are working on more English pages on our website. You wlll find some weblinks to other pages that are written in Dutch. Please contact us when you want more information about what to send to us.

Please send all information in separate .pdf-files, so we can process all information efficiently. 

Dutch checklist

Hereby the link to the checklist in Dutch

You can see what information is needed. Also you will find a lot of information about why we request all information and how to send it to us.

Information for non-Dutch people, special information requested (in Dutch)

Hereby the link to the page with information for non-Dutch applicants

English checklist 

When there is more than one applicant, we will need all information from all applicants. 

Personal information / identification

  1. Passport, folded open, full page, color scan
  2. Residence permit, color scan, front- and backside
  3. BRP-information, see instructions
  4. Diploma of highest finalized education
  5. C.V.
  6. Information about your marital status
  7. Information about your future plans regarding your stay in Holland
  8. Information about your "inburgeringscursus" (integration course)
  9. Last know address in your home country

Work, tax and income

  1. Labour contract, possibly with extensions
  2. Employers statement; .pdf-document
  3. Your 2 most recent salary slips
  4. Most recent annual statement from employer (s) (jaaropgave); When you have no permanent contract: annual statements of last 3 years
  5. Prove of receiving your salary on your bankaccount (bankstatement)
  6. Prove of expat-ruling (30%-ruling), when applicable
  7. Document from the tax-office of city counsel in which the BSN is mentioned
  8. Most recent tax-return (aangifte en aanslag)
  9. When self-employed: please contact us for more information

Other information

  1. Prove of savings (bankstatements, no older than 3 months; with name, address, date, IBAN, balance)
  2. Prove of debts (bankstatements, no older than 3 months; with name, address, date, IBAN, balance)
  3. When divorced, see this webpage


  • When you already have a house in the Netherlands or when you have had a house or have a current mortgage contact us for what additional information we need from you.
  • We will ask for more information in a later stage, to make sure you also receive good information regarding insurances and pensions.