Mortgage for staff at EMA Amsterdam

Mortgage for staff at EMA Amsterdam

Employees working at EMA (European Medicines Agency) Amsterdam don't pay taxes over their income. Compared to other people working in Holland this is different. On this page we will explain what possibilities employees of EMA have for a mortgage in Holland. We have broad experience financing colleagues at EMA and other non-Dutch citizens, working for international organisations or companies. 

Dutch mortgage rules, in a nutshell

  • The interest paid is tax-deductible of your taxable income
  • The maximum mortgage is based on the gross salary
  • The duration of a home-finance is normally 30 years, based on the maximum duration of tax-deduction
  • It's rarely allowed to rent out a house with a mortgage, based on common general conditions

Independant advice

  • It is important to get advice from a certified financial planner, preferably an independant one
  • The difference in the interest rates between banks and other available parties on the mortgage-market in the Netherlands is quite big
  • The longer the fixation of interest, the bigger the average difference
  • An independant advisor doesn't cost more than an advisor from a "big-bank"
  • An advisor from a bank sells their own product; an independant advisor show you all possibilities and compares them and gives you advice

How to get independant advice as a (future) worker at EMA?

How do we work?

  • After our first contact we send a (personal) checklist of items that need to be collected and provided to us
  • We plan a intake-appointment. This is a phonecall of about 30 minutes in which we will ask all relevant information regarding your request for advice and your personal situation. All you wished will be noted
  • An advisor will start a new file. All documents and information will be processed. The actual situation will become clear
  • Based on the information a draft version of what the outcome is will be made.
  • The advisor will inform you when additional information or documentation is necessary in this stage
  • An appointment will be made to discuss the posibilities with your advisor. We are very flexible in our options. Such as meeting at work, at home, during working-hours, in the evening. And it's also possible to set up a Skype-meeting


  • All our financial reports will be presented in English (German en French is also possible)
  • Our explanation of the advice given will also be presented in English
  • All advisors can speak English
  • We will provide explanatory notes in English

Additional services

  • Income taxes 
  • Life Insurances
  • House and other insurances
  • Pensions
  • Savings 

Our network

We have a wide network of parties you will need during the process of buying a house, such as a:

  • Technical specialist
  • Valuator
  • Real estate agent
  • Notary
  • Interpreter 

All parties provide high quality services. Therefore you can focus on what is really important: Your future home!

Example of possible benefit from an independant advisor

  • Mortgage: 450.000
  • Value of home: 500.000
  • Form: Annuity
  • Fixation: 20 years
  • Duration: 30 years

Going on the internet you will find a lot of possibilities. Soms parties have better conditions (in general, for non-Dutch citizens especially) than others. For example: there are parties that won't lower your interest automatically during the fixation-period of your mortgage. 

We will make a comparison for you and we will show you a personal report. With the total price of your mortgage. The differences can be huge. 

In the attachment here you can see this. This comparison is made on June 21st 2018. 


  • As you can see there are a lot of parties on the Dutch mortgage-market. The big-banks might be best known, but they can be quite expensive. There are a lot more possibilities.
  • The conditions of the big-banks and other, cheaper parties are comparible
  • You can literally save ten of thousands of Euro's bij choosing the best party in your personal situation 
  • We can offer you a lot more than an non-independant advisor, such as an advisor working for a bank that offers you (sells you) their own products
  • With almost every party you can have you bank-accounts where they are right now


When you have plans to buy a house, contact us. We will help you with all steps during the whole process.